What have trade unions done?

Twenty-five years ago, a young man named Jerry Essan Masslo who had fled South African apartheid with the goal of reaching Canada, was murdered by a band of robbers in Villa Literno, Italy, aged just 29.
Sector: Agriculture Country: Italy Category: Equality
Under the motto "Work without papers but not without rights!" the trade union advice centre for undocumented workers UNDOK was opened on 4 June 2014.
Sector: Country: Austria Category:
The five trade union federations decided to engage with the employers of fast food restaurants (SNARR) on an agreement to implement a minimum weekly threshold of 24 hours of work, as part of the law on securing employment.
Sector: Tourism Country: France Category: Working-time
On 9 October the General Federation of Belgian Labour (ABVV/FGTB) organised the ninth day of the temporary worker. This day is always dedicated to temporary workers and this year's theme was "temporary workers are not disposable labour".
Sector: Country: Belgium Category: Temporary agency workers
SERMIDE (Santa Croce): Following the collapse of an Indian worker in the melon fields of Rivalta, FLAI CGIL decided to see the situation first-hand. Exploitative labour is a reality experienced by many immigrants who succumb to slavery in order to work. Rumours of 'fatigue payments' further fuel the phenomenon of illegal hiring that is so widespread in the South.
Sector: Agriculture Country: Italy Category: Social dumping